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Immerse yourself in a place that transports you to the ease of days gone by

We know there is nothing like returning to the comfortable tradition of enjoying the warmth of a fire and laughing together. It is time to reset and take summer at an easier pace. The memories await at Base Camp 59.

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Two polaroids. One with a family playing cards in their RV. One with a man and a woman enjoying a beer together in front of their camper.
A rendered site plan of Base Camp 59 showing campsites nestled in a forested area alongside the Provincial Trunk Highway 59 and Ruby Lane.
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Where is Base Camp 59 located?
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What amenities will be available starting Summer 2024?
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Can I trim trees and branches and plant at my site?
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Our professionally managed RV campground provides you with a home away from home

Adjacent to the historic Birchwood Motor Hotel Restaurant & Bar, Base Camp 59 is conveniently located 59 minutes north of Winnipeg, making it the ideal weekend escape or home away from home.

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Vector map of Base Camp 59 location.